Hi, I’m Rita

Biography on Rita Malhotra

My name is Rita Malhotra. I come from a humble beginning where I learned the power of owning property at the age of 15 years of age and how it builds wealth.  My family started by renting, then went on to own our first property, a townhouse in Mississauga which was the stepping stone to my adventure and learning the path of building property wealth.  I learned that by buying and selling homes, we can keep climbing the wealth chart and our house square footage also increased.  In my twenties I acquired my very own property which I still own and rent out.  I feel blessed, that I learned the value of owning a property at an early age. I also learned to appreciate real estate. Fast forwarding my life in 2021, I am a proud wife and a mother of two beautiful children.  I am also an investor of a number of properties, landlord and property manager.  My Real Estate license gives me chance to help other people achieve property wealth.  I feel with experience and love of real estate, I would be able to assist with achieving those goals for my clients.

I believe that property wealth is important in todays’ lifestyle.  As the world becomes smaller and everything gets more expensive, we need to ensure we have wealth for our future and there are many ways to make that wealth through owning property. Let me show you how……….